18 October 2009


“Poetry Literature Circles”
David Chung
OCC GATE Conference 2009: “Riding the Wave of Change”
English Strand 4-12
UC Irvine, SSL 270
The true impact of poetry is an uncommon reality in the language arts classroom where prose has dominance. To complicate matters, helping students navigate through analysis of poetry can be like Jack Sparrow in a Pirates of the Caribbean adventure: exhilarating and treacherous at the same time.
Poetry’s truest potential, that which challenges the reader to authentic heights in language, thought, and creativity, can become a reality in the classroom through a modified version of literature circles. Utilizing content imperatives along with details, rules, big ideas, patterns, and trends, find out how students and teachers can explicate, connect, and respond to poetry.
  • Premise: Michael Clay Thompson, Poetry & Prose--a false dichotomy
  • Terms
  • Poetry Explication
  • Sources
  • Poets & Poetry Selections
  • Lit Circles: Poetry Circles
  • Origins & Trends: Background
  • Situation: Perspectives, Ethics,
  • Structure: Rules, Patterns
  • Language: Language of the Discipline, Details, Parallels
  • Musical Devices: Language of the Discipline, Patterns
  • the Conversation: Convergence (connections), Contributions, & Big Idea
  • Think Like a Linguist
  • Guided Practice


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