18 October 2009

from CAGE to SAGE...

“Sagacity – Strategies for Thriving via Metacognition”

David N Chung


OCC GATE Conference 2009: “Riding the Wave of Change”

English Strand 4-12

UC Irvine, SSL 270

How do your students act and perform when the answers to problems and questions are not immediately known? Moreover, are they able to abound in real-life problem-solving outside of the controlled environment that is the classroom?

The goals of Art Costa’s Habits of Mind are “enhancing the ways students produce knowledge rather than how they merely reproduce it…not only having information but also knowing how to act on it.” Find out what “behaviors” help students become effective and efficient thinkers and peak performers. This session will draw upon and extend Dr. Sandra Kaplan's Scholarliness while utilizing Art Costa's Habits of Mind in order to enable students to consistently and authentically thrive in all walks of life—in and outside of the classroom.

Premise: 4 Dimensional Knowledge




  • Scholarliness
  • Intellectual Expectations
  • Habits of Mind

HoM: Competencies

  • Matrix
  • Task Planner & Reflection

WORKSHOP PACKET [word document--format/fonts may be off]

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