27 September 2010

OCC GATE UC Irvine, Fall 2010

Fall Conference:   "Mind the Excellence Gap"
University of California, Irvine
16 October 2010 Saturday


Session I    9:40-10:40
Strand: Secondary Strand

Topic:  Hero’s Journey Archetype
Discover what Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow, your Students, and your current core novel have in common through the Hero's Journey Archetype:  a literary, personal, and collaborative exploration on the monomyth enhanced with the elements of depth (patterns, big ideas) and complexity (across disciplines/genres).

Session 2    11:20 – 12:20
Strand: Secondary Strand

Topic:  Literature Circles & Frames

Using Literature Circle ROLES integrated into FRAMES, successful, scholarly “literary experiences” can be achieved. Intellectually rigorous, standards relevant, and flexible to student learning levels, find out how Literature Circles and Frames allow teachers to provide concrete pathways for students to actively engage in the literacy tasks needed for reading comprehension, analysis, and creative expressions.  Learn how to utilize the Lit. Circle Frames via samples and a brief simulation. 

Session 3    12:30-1:30
Strand: Secondary Strand

Topic:  Creativity & Grammar

How can we enable our students to develop a unique voice and depth in their writing?   Propelling beyond the standard grammar worksheets, consider how the details, rules, and tools of the disciplines in Harry Noden's Image Grammar, Using Grammatical Structures to Teach Writing provide the “canvas” and inspiration for writing with any gifted student.

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